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Originally we started off as a single factory in the East End of London in the 1970’s so our blood reeks production. We now have our own unit in Bangladesh and specialise in the production of fancy jersey and woven garments.

Our unit has its own cutting, stitching and packing department along with a team of quality controllers who have been given the right to stop the delivery of an order if they are not happy with it. Turkey is one of the cheapest but best countries for production in Europe/Asia as it is well connected (for fabric delivery) and has been in stitching for a very long time. All our stitching workers are very experienced and can make whole garments from scratch if need be.

In Turkey we do not make the norm garments that other units produce like the standard t-Shirt or 5 pocket trouser. We are making high quality ladies fashion garments and are of the few ones that can make these. This offers our customers’ high fashion garments at very reasonable prices, so much so that even Chinese factories are using our Turkey unit as their outsourced unit.

To know more please talk to us as we have a lot to offer and can bespoke services to your needs.